FAustVL Strongest System in the Dragon Ball World
Kalan that I took from Toga Novel with the same title would had a character development and my version of continuation.
Yuu is eighteen years old young man . he died saving a group of kids from an accident . God gave him a chance to reincarnate with 10 wishes . Follow the journey of Yuu his search to become God .
Ellendria So I Became Superman
Devin McCannon was just your average 28 year old guy. However, one day while reading his first ever owned Superman comic, everything changed...
lolahrunda Hikari Okami: Kitsune Series
Hikari is a Kitsune, member of the mighty demon fox race. He is also a royal, born heir to the powerful nine tail demon fox. His birthright is to rule his people, but instead, Hikari decides to escape his noble burden of leadership and enter the world of humans. There, he discovers excitement but also danger he never could have imagined. He is soon betrayed and captured with no means of escape....