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Breaking the Day

Author: 唐川

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Updated: 2021-10-02 04:38:19

Latest chapter: Chapter 282 Ants Before Powerful Magic

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《Breaking the Day》Latest chapter
Chapter 282 Ants Before Powerful Magic
Chapter 281 Rolling Red Cloud
Chapter 280 Mercurial Emotions
Chapter 279 Long-Suppressed Resentmen
Chapter 278 Difficult To Leave Behind
Chapter 277 Beauty In Candleligh
Chapter 276 A Feast With Zhou
Chapter 275 The Plan Behind The Lovely Bath
Chapter 274 Joking On Enemy Land
Chapter 273 Knife And Fish
Chapter 272 A Cornered Beast's Figh
Chapter 271 The Weak Can Still Beat The Powerful
《Breaking the Day》' main text
Chapter 282 Ants Before Powerful Magic
Chapter 281 Rolling Red Cloud
Chapter 280 Mercurial Emotions
Chapter 279 Long-Suppressed Resentmen
Chapter 278 Difficult To Leave Behind
Chapter 277 Beauty In Candleligh
Chapter 276 A Feast With Zhou
Chapter 275 The Plan Behind The Lovely Bath
Chapter 274 Joking On Enemy Land
Chapter 273 Knife And Fish
Chapter 272 A Cornered Beast's Figh
Chapter 271 The Weak Can Still Beat The Powerful
Chapter 270 Profound Life's Gates Of Nine Hells
Chapter 269 Pretty Boy Guards Hallway Alone
Chapter 268 Fighting The Deathless Ju Wusheng
Chapter 267 Unsheathing Swords For Battle
Chapter 266 Deathless Golden Hoop Ju Wusheng
Chapter 265 Attacked By A Treasure
Chapter 264 Body-Contact Hell Strangle
Chapter 263 Violence & 1 Murderer
Chapter 262 Terror In Killing
Chapter 261 The Weak Scholar Fights Alone
Chapter 260 A Brave Young Master Strategizes To Invade Zhou
Chapter 259 Godly Persuasion Skills
Chapter 258 Male Vs Female Power
Chapter 257 Meeting A Beauty Upon Escape
Chapter 256 Dungeon
Chapter 255 Searching Scriptures For Clues
Chapter 254 Infiltrating The Forbidden Area
Chapter 253 The Thousand Faced Demon's Wrath
Chapter 252 The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, The Oriole Watches
Chapter 251 Impressive Battle Between Beauties
Chapter 250 Flames, Ice And Youth
Chapter 249 Unexpected Twis
Chapter 248 Distraction
Chapter 247 Intellectual Duel
Chapter 246 Boosting Morale
Chapter 245 Drama & Arguments
Chapter 244 Mishaps At The Matchmaking Ceremony
Chapter 243 First Arrival At Tong’an Yields Strange News
Chapter 242 Tricks For A Safe Journey
Chapter 241 Seven Swords
Chapter 240 Dilemma: To Stay Or Go
Chapter 239 A Daring Secret Scheme
Chapter 238 The Wound
Chapter 237 To Borrow A Knife For Murder
Chapter 236 One Problem After Another
Chapter 235 Chengfeng Falls From The Sky
Chapter 234 Falling From The Heavens
Chapter 233 A Change In World View
Chapter 232 Backdoor
Chapter 231 A Venemous Tongue
Chapter 230 Hidden Plans
Chapter 229 Get In Line
Chapter 228 Strayed Hearts Cause People To Leave
Chapter 227 Arguments Before The Battle
Chapter 226 Where Will I Go
Chapter 225 Discussion Of Values
Chapter 224 Bullies And Hidden Modesty's Traitor
Chapter 223 An Encounter With A Traitor
Chapter 222 A Random Zhao Xiaobao Fell From The Sky
Chapter 221 Return To Spiritual Mountain
Chapter 220 Blurred Line Between Reality and Illusion
Chapter 219 Sticking Up For Someone
Chapter 218 Marching Forward With A Helping Hand
Chapter 217 Coincidental Return to Hometown
Chapter 216 Between The Lines
Chapter 215 An Emotional Scolding
Chapter 214 Dismissing The Meeting
Chapter 213 Instigating The Three Courts
Chapter 212 An Unknown Evil Intent For Inner Conflic
Chapter 211 Truth Twisting Tongue
Chapter 210 A Nonsensical Trickery
Chapter 209 A Sword-like Battle of Words
Chapter 208 Calling Up A Witness
Chapter 207 The Battle of Wits and Schemes
Chapter 206 The Spiritual Mountain Conference
Chapter 205 Paper War
Chapter 204 Love Blossoms At Home
Chapter 203 Zhao Feiyue The Nine Heavenly Immortal
Chapter 202 Zhan Qitian: The Dragon King
Chapter 201 Forgetting One's Hatred In The Name Of Love
Chapter 200 Who Do I Wait For
Chapter 199 Sorrowful Parting
Chapter 198 Waiting to Strike On a Cold Winter Nigh
Chapter 197 Murder and Silence
Chapter 196 Bloodstained Tile
Chapter 195 Qian Shanxue And His Solitary Mountain
Chapter 194 Life and Death
Chapter 193 Accidental Discovery Of A Spirit Crystal
Chapter 192 A Family Heirloom
Chapter 191 Tenderness in the Cave
Chapter 190 Testing The Sword
Chapter 189 The One Who Wears The Shoe Can Never Find i
Chapter 188 What Goes Around, Comes Around
Chapter 187 A Dying Battle
Chapter 186 In The Face of Death, Love Comes To The Rescue
Chapter 185 Wilting Sea Rotting Rock
Chapter 184 Old Man With No Ethics
Chapter 183 Beware Of What You Don't Know
Chapter 182 A Chance Encounter With An Old Man In The Cave
Chapter 181 The Earth Quakes
Chapter 180 The Rats and Humans Run For Their Lives
Chapter 179 The Dragon's Path Erupts
Chapter 178 Some Arrays and A Plan
Chapter 177 Reach For The Sky
Chapter 176 The Mysterious Stalker
Chapter 175 Descending Into The Nine Levels of Hell
Chapter 174 A Bad Omen
Chapter 173 Committing Grave Sins
Chapter 172 Fist Figh
Chapter 171 The Arrogant Bully
Chapter 170 Working Together
Chapter 169 Independence
Chapter 168 To Ponder Upon Battles
Chapter 167 Primordial Yang
Chapter 166 The Pretty Girl Is Now The Brains
Chapter 165 Major Improvements And A New Technique
Chapter 164 The Separating Fire Array
Chapter 163 Defeating An Array In A Few Sentences
Chapter 162 A Pitiful Sigh
Chapter 161 The Dao
Chapter 160 The Li Family Only Has Loyal Servants
Chapter 159 The Prisoner Within The Mountain
Chapter 158 Dignity Comes From Self-Respec
Chapter 157 Enemies Scattered Across Spiritual Mountain Sec
Chapter 156 The Heart Is What Makes A Brave Man
Chapter 155 High Expectations
Chapter 154 Don't Give Up
Chapter 153 The Illusory Sword Array
Chapter 152 The Fall of Formations
Chapter 151 A Battle To The Death
Chapter 150 An Impossible Fight In The Sky
Chapter 149 The Battle Had Just Begun
Chapter 148 One-On-One Figh
Chapter 147 Looking For A Figh
Chapter 146 A Comfortable Home and Teasing Xiaobao
Chapter 145 A Peculiar Feeling In A Vast World
Chapter 144 An Increase in Strength, Crisis Averted
Chapter 143 Releasing The Beas
Chapter 142 The Pawn And His Deadly Task
Chapter 141 Escape From The Lake
Chapter 140 Crappy Teammate
Chapter 139 The Upside-Down Lake
Chapter 138 Keeping Promises: Forbidden Area
Chapter 137 Pill Concocting For Resurrection
Chapter 136 Winter Blooms
Chapter 135 Will Of The Heavens
Chapter 134 The Icy Grand Senior Sister
Chapter 133 Difficult to Please
Chapter 132 A Man Does Not Kneel
Chapter 131 The Master Saves The Servan
Chapter 130 An Unconventional Method
Chapter 129 Servant Saves The Master
Chapter 128 An Array Within An Array
Chapter 127 The Arrays and Mechanisms of Yanjian Hall
Chapter 126 The Strange Moving Technique
Chapter 125 Dragon Of Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 124 Valley of Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 123 Mountain of Ten Thousand Swords
Chapter 122 Cangjian Court's Violent Pas
Chapter 121 Last Resor
Chapter 120 Inspiring Words
Chapter 119 To Stabilize A Crisis
Chapter 118 Common Complaints
Chapter 117
Chapter 116 The Best Dog In The World
Chapter 115
Chapter 114 That's A Stretch
Chapter 113 Return of Xiaobao
Chapter 112 Outsmarting Each Other
Chapter 111 Collateral Damage
Chapter 110 Laying The Trap In The Valley
Chapter 109 Another Plan
Chapter 108 Tearing Down East Wall To Mend West Wall
Chapter 107 Coaxing The Plants To Grow
Chapter 106 Seeking Shelter
Chapter 105 Home Is Where The Heart Is
Chapter 104 Crop Fields
Chapter 103 Humans Are Difficult To Read
Chapter 102 A Precarious Situation
Chapter 101 A Battle Of Wits To Save Himself
Chapter 100
Chapter 99
Chapter 98
Chapter 97
Chapter 96 The Bastard Son Is Freed
Chapter 95 Grand Senior Sister Arrives At Forbidden Area
Chapter 94 Greed Vs Reason
Chapter 93 Fishing
Chapter 92 A Feast of Lies
Chapter 91 The Forbidden Area
Chapter 90 Living Quarters
Chapter 89 Li Chengfeng's Audacious Lies
Chapter 88 Young Master Li, The Liar
Chapter 87 Cangjin Court's Matchmaker
Chapter 86 An Enemy's Enemy
Chapter 85 Cangjin Court and the Golden Invitation
Chapter 84 A Calculated Scheme
Chapter 83 Clever Manipulation
Chapter 82 Inner Demons
Chapter 81 The Garden Beyond The Clouds
Chapter 80 Lingyun Bridge : The Horrifying Second Tes
Chapter 79 The Pig Eats The Tiger
Chapter 78 Overcoming Obstacles
Chapter 77 The Tortoise And The Hare
Chapter 76 The Bossy Huang Nishang
Chapter 75 The Three Tests
Chapter 74 Golden Invitations Are Now Useless
Chapter 73 Scums At Spiritual Mountain
Chapter 72 Tricks
Chapter 71 Number One Mountain
Chapter 70 The Cleansing Moon Treasure Once Again
Chapter 69 The Peculiar Liu Sumei
Chapter 68 Departure
Chapter 67 Prefecture Chief
Chapter 66 Winning A Person's Hear
Chapter 65 Choosing A Cultivation Partner
Chapter 64 Mother-And-Son Talk
Chapter 63 The Young Master Drives Away The Devil
Chapter 62 Karma
Chapter 61 The Bully
Chapter 60 The Devil At The Li's Doorstep
Chapter 59 Another Misfortune
Chapter 58 Paying Off Debt With True Yuan
Chapter 57 Moment of Life And Death
Chapter 56 The Dive
Chapter 55 Beneath The Lake
Chapter 54 Revival At The Last Second
Chapter 53 Desperate Measures
Chapter 52 Misfortune Comes In Pairs
Chapter 51 Nothing Is Impossible
Chapter 50 Spiritual Qi Within The Flowers
Chapter 49 The Dao Of The Heavens On A Pillar
Chapter 48 Su Yuehan, Archnemesis
Chapter 47 Legendary Warrior Zhang Zaijun
Chapter 46 A Passerby's Assistance
Chapter 45 The Son Swims Against The Curren
Chapter 44 Crazy Father Charging On His Horse
Chapter 43 The Patriarch, His Horse And His Spear
Chapter 42 A Wild Grim Stork
Chapter 41 An Unexpected Gues
Chapter 40 Madman And Dog
Chapter 39 An Unlucky Omen
Chapter 38 Walking Into The Lair
Chapter 37 The Secret Gold Card
Chapter 36 House Rules
Chapter 35 The Dragon Does Not Touch The Native Snake
Chapter 34 Three Moons Slash
Chapter 33 Loyal Servan
Chapter 32 Love & Precious Treasures
Chapter 31 Qingyang's Punishmen
Chapter 30 Why The Need For Proof?
Chapter 29 Master Li The Busybody
Chapter 28 Terror Within Cypress Jade House
Chapter 27 Disguised Infiltration
Chapter 26 Borrowed Resurrection
Chapter 25 Wine For Comfor
Chapter 24 A Love-Struck Man and A Funeral
Chapter 23 A Battle Of Wit And Courage
Chapter 22 The Fallen Tiger
Chapter 21 Feiyue Kills The Immortal Shadow
Chapter 20 Acquaintances Reunited
Chapter 19 Dream
Chapter 18 Desperate Measures
Chapter 17 Burning The Bad Guy
Chapter 16 To Kill The Exposed
Chapter 15 Bending The Knee
Chapter 14 Enemies Always Run Into Each Other
Chapter 13 An Unexpected Gues
Chapter 12 A Beauty's Head
Chapter 11 Golden Staff
Chapter 10 What Makes A Demon
Chapter 9 Bystanders
Chapter 8 A Smart Xiaobao To The Rescue
Chapter 7 Which God Is This?
Chapter 6 Pretty Lady
Chapter 5 Who Comes to Rescue?
Chapter 4 Into a Death Trap
Chapter 3 A Cynic's Life
Chapter 2 Li Chengfeng Deceives
Chapter 1 The Silly Master