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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai

Author: TOMOTO Sui

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Updated: 2021-10-02 07:05:42

Latest chapter: Chapter 307 part 3

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《Konjiki no Moji Tsukai》Latest chapter
Chapter 307 part 3
Chapter 307 part 2
Chapter 307 War discussion and Determination
Chapter 306 part 2
Chapter 306 Status Of Hiiro
Chapter 305 part 2
Chapter 305 Hiiro and Avoros meet
Chapter 303 Part 2
Chapter 303 Miracle of Alliance Army
Chapter 302 part 2
Chapter 302 The Man Named Kiritz
Chapter 301 A Worrisome Tip
《Konjiki no Moji Tsukai》' main text
Chapter 307 part 3
Chapter 307 part 2
Chapter 307 War discussion and Determination
Chapter 306 part 2
Chapter 306 Status Of Hiiro
Chapter 305 part 2
Chapter 305 Hiiro and Avoros meet
Chapter 303 Part 2
Chapter 303 Miracle of Alliance Army
Chapter 302 part 2
Chapter 302 The Man Named Kiritz
Chapter 301 A Worrisome Tip
Chapter 300 Idiot Pupils’ Birth
Chapter 299 Nikki’s Strike
Chapter 298
Chapter 297 Black Bamboo
Chapter 296 Meeting With Nikki
Chapter 295: Unwavering Hiiro
Chapter 294 Meeting with Alicia
Chapter 293 The Mysterious Letter
Chapter 292 Prelude to War
Chapter 291 A Bewildering Apology
Chapter 290 Teckil’s Return
Chapter 289
Chapter 288
Chapter 287
Chapter 286
Chapter 285
Chapter 284
Chapter 283
Chapter 282
Chapter 281 The Azazel Sea
Chapter 280 Hiiro’s Motivation
Chapter 279 A Roundabout Request
Chapter 278: The Truth Behind the Escape
Chapter 277: Judom’s Threat
Chapter 276: Escape
Chapter 275: The Different Faces of Red Loli
Chapter 274: The Terms of Forgiveness
Chapter 273: The Pure Hearted Demon Lord
Chapter 272: As Expected of Hiiro
Chapter 271: Unforseen Accident?
Chapter 270: Hiiro’s Return to Xaous
Chapter 269: Before the Separation
Chapter 268: Is Liliyn a little girl?
Chapter 267: Countdown to the Start of War
Chapter 266: The Two Grave Posts
Chapter 265: Warped Ideology
Chapter 264: Cupidos Tribe
Chapter 263: The Creation of Sacrifice
Chapter 262: Cruzer’s Confession
Chapter 261: The Core of the Founder Demon King, Deprived
Chapter 260: Sacrifice
Chapter 259: Hiiro’s Roots
Chapter 258: What is Body Power?
Chapter 257: The Decision of The Two
Chapter 256: Marquis’ Advice
Chapter 255: Marquis’ Visit
Chapter 254: Second Princess Farah
Chapter 253: The Simple-Minded Old Loli
Chapter 252: The Modest Love of the Two
Chapter 251: Flash Fireworks
Chapter 250: The Newborn Power of Zangeki
Chapter 249: The Power of Crimson Aura
Chapter 248: For now, Massage
Chapter 246: Fall of Victorias
Chapter 245: Takeover
Chapter 244: A Visit at Midnight
Chapter 243: Mimiru’s Song
Chapter 242: Real Food! Raive’s Homemade Dish!
Chapter 241: Ideal Land
Chapter 240: The Dagger that killed Aragorn
Chapter 239: The Spirit Dwelling in the Tree
Chapter 238: The Tragedy After their Reunion
Chapter 237: Visit to Passion
Chapter 236: Solicitation Success
Chapter 235: Connection of Hiiro and Zangeki
Chapter 234: Surprising Point of Contact
Chapter 233: Gathering of Hiiro’s Party
Chapter 232: Appoinment
Chapter 231: The Core of the Founder Demon Lord
Chapter 230: Enemy Spirit
Chapter 229: From Piercer (Tsuranuki) to Slasher (Zangeki)
Chapter 228: A Man Named Cruzer Geo
Chapter 227: Light of Naos
Chapter 226: Dark Footsteps on the Holy Ground
Chapter 225: Nikki’s Will
Chapter 224: Contract Execution
Chapter 223: The Obstinate Snake Princess
Chapter 222: Hiiro’s Exclusive Search Method
Chapter 221: Hiiro VS Tenn
Chapter 220: The Truth Behind the Spirit Contract
Chapter 219: Spirit
Chapter 218: The Fairy Queen, A Re-encounter
Chapter 216: SPIRIT FOREST
Chapter 215: Invitation from an Apparition
Chapter 214: Hiiro and Monkey
Chapter 213: Reunion with an Old Friend
Chapter 212: Ornorth’s Regret
Chapter 210: JUDOM RISES!
Chapter 205: Warning for Hiiro
Chapter 204: Return to Xaos
Chapter 203: Temporary Separation
Chapter 202: Matar Deus
Chapter 201: Avoros’ Purpose
Chapter 200: Uninvited Outlaws
Chapter 199: Permanent Alliance
Chapter 198: Praise to the Hero
Chapter 197: Admiration to the Winner
Chapter 196: The Winner Raises his Fist
Chapter 195: To the Next Stage
Chapter 194: Beast King’s True Power
Chapter 193: Getting fired up
Chapter 192: Hiiro vs. Leowald
Chapter 191: Finale..
Chapter 190: That thing she held in her hand
Chapter 189: Freely wielding the mutual war potential
Chapter 188: Forgetting offense and defense for a blink
Chapter 187: Towards the final fight
Chapter 186: Winner of the fourth round!
Chapter 185: The ones who fight and the ones who protect
Chapter 184: Ornoth & Rushbelle VS Lenion & Yuhito
Chapter 183: The puppet Taishi
Chapter 182: Passion Raid
Chapter 181: If you think about it, she is just a little girl
Chapter 180: How to insta-kill
Chapter 179: stand!
Chapter 178: A considerate Friend
Chapter 177: Ability of a True Ace
Chapter 176: Unrelenting Spirit
Chapter 175: Two vs. Two
Chapter 174: Muir’s Struggle
Chapter 173: Their Respective Abilities
Chapter 172: The Growth of the Former Companions
Chapter 171: Arnold and Muir’s Duel Debut
Chapter 170: The Outcome of the Clash between the Sun and the Earth
Chapter 169: Marione Vs. Leowald
Chapter 168: Start of the Duel of Evila and Gabranth
Chapter 167: Reunion
Chapter 166: Victorias’ Circumstances
Chapter 165: Hiiro Leaves from Passion.
Chapter 164: The Doting Beast King
Chapter 163: Hiiro Charges to Passion
Chapter 162: Triumphant Hiiro
Chapter 161: Arnold and Muir, Duel Participation Confirmed!
Chapter 160: Coming to Like Hiiro
Chapter 159: The Red Robe’s Identity Arnold’s Rampage
Chapter 158: It’s Definitely about Him!
Chapter 157: Longtime Companions
Chapter 156: Hiiro and Aquinas
Chapter 155: Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 154: A conversation in prison
Chapter 153: Unprecedented Demand
Chapter 152: Eveam’s Decision
Chapter 151: After a long time, Evila Conference
Chapter 150: Resolution of the Gabranth
Chapter 149: Role End?
Chapter 148: Mütich Bridge, Great Collapse!
Chapter 147: Hiiro’s Mission
Chapter 146: Ex-Demon Lord Avoros
Chapter 145: The Mysterious Boy
Chapter 144: The Heroes and Teckil’s Meeting
Chapter 143: Permit Received!
Chapter 142: Late Night Conversation
Chapter 141: Real Food, Demon Capital Cuisine!
Chapter 140: The Two Heroes’ Treatment
Chapter 139: Hiiro’s Coming-Out
Chapter 138: The Heroes and the Demon Lord, Face-to-Face
Chapter 137: Threat
Chapter 136: Invitation to the Castle
Chapter 135: Start of the Dream
Chapter 134: The Irritated Protagonist
Chapter 133: The Preaching Hiiro
Chapter 132: The Separated Heroes
Chapter 131: Ornoth vs the Four Heroes
Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory
Chapter 129: Cruel Vs Second Prince of Gabranth
Chapter 128: How to deal with zombies
Chapter 127: Lightning and Darkness
Chapter 126: Hiiro vs. Crouch
Chapter 125: The Unparalleled Hiiro
Chapter 124: Hiiro, once again to the Demon Country
Chapter 122: The Visitors
Chapter 121: The Transformed King
Chapter 120: The Protagonist the Relieves His Stress
Chapter 119: The Top’s True Strength
Chapter 118: Hiiro, at Holy Oldine
Chapter 117: Request of the Demon Lord
Chapter 116: Hiiro and Eveam
Chapter 115: Meeting with the Demon Lord
Chapter 114: Out of Place Hiiro
Chapter 113: Judom’s countermeasures and a new betrayal
Chapter 112: Escape
Chapter 111: Those Who are Alive
Chapter 110: The Imprisoned Ones
Chapter 109: Hiiro’s True Ability
Chapter 108: Enter! Okamura Hiiro!
Chapter 107: The Heroes Who Came to Know of Reality
Chapter 106: Beginning of War
Chapter 105: Beginning of Betrayal
Chapter 104: King Rudolf’s Motive
Chapter 103: Humas-Evila Alliance Conference
Chapter 102: The Demon Lord, to the Human World
Chapter 101: Prelude to the Meeting
Chapter 100: After Half a Year
Chapter 99: Intoxicated Companions
Chapter 98: Food! Ashura Nabe!
Chapter 97: Rebound of Word Magic
Chapter 96: The Conclusion, and a Tearful Parting
Chapter 95: Resolve
Chapter 94: Confrontation, the Demon of the Desert
Chapter 93: A New Word Magic Ability….and Title.
Chapter 92: United front
Chapter 91: Camus’ Resolve
Chapter 90: The Conclusion !
Chapter 89: Hiiro vs Camus
Chapter 88: Camus’s True Power
Chapter 87: Unyielding Thoughts
Chapter 86: Ashura’s Tenacity
Chapter 85: Liliyn and Sivan
Chapter 84: The Ashura Tribe
Chapter 83 : Battle in Raohrb Desert
Chapter 82: To the First Destination
Chapter 81: Everyone’s expectations
Chapter 80: The Heroes One Month Later
Chapter 79: And now, towards the Journey
Chapter 78: The Buttler’s Concerns
Chapter 77: New Traveling Companions
Chapter 76: Contract with a Demon?
Chapter 75: The Apologizing Maid
Chapter 74: The Origin of the Red Rain
Chapter 73: The Monster of SS Rank
Chapter 72: The Visiting Red Rain
Chapter 71: The Little Girl’s Invitation
Chapter 70: Little Girl – Strong? Weak?
Chapter 69: Majuu (Demon Beast) Girl – Shamoe
Chapter 68: The Finesse of a Butler
Chapter 67: The Devious Girl - Liliyn
Chapter 66: The Chaotic Trio
Chapter 65: Towards the Mansion
Chapter 64: The fight with the Cactus Man
Chapter 63: Venom Mountain
Chapter 62: A New Pervert
Chapter 61: Insightful Butler – Silvan
Chapter 60: Resurrecting Butler?
Chapter 59: The Threat of the Grand Slime!
Chapter 58: Now, to the Evila Continent! By XCrossJ
Chapter 57: One Month Later
Chapter 56: Movement in Victorias
Chapter 55: That bird, again!
Chapter 54: A New Journey
Chapter 53: Identity of the ghost and friends
Chapter 52: Arnold and company’s Suspicions
Chapter 51: Promise Between the Two
Chapter 50: Mimiru and the boy
Chapter 49: Hiiro and the girl
Chapter 48: His Sister, the Maid
Chapter 47: Arnold’s other objective.
Chapter 46: Hiiro’s Decision
Chapter 45: The Gabranth’s Roots.
Chapter 44: Muir’s Test Complete!
Chapter 43: Rarashik’s Ability
Chapter 42: Another Conference in the Demon Country
Chapter 41: Interruption of War
Chapter 40: War Commences! And a Sudden Development!?
Chapter 39: The unstoppable war
Chapter 38: Arnold’s Master
Chapter 37: Capital of the Beast Kingdom Passion
Chapter 36: Demon king’s determination
Chapter 35: Level Up to Power Up
Chapter 34: The Kitty Bastard’s invitation
Chapter 33: Muir’s Awakening
Chapter 32: The Gree Caves
Chapter 31: The Four Heroes’ Strength and Premonitions of War
Chapter 30: Rumors of war
Chapter 29: One Night’s Experience
Chapter 28: Fairy Garden
Chapter 27: A Slice of Their Travels
Chapter 26: The Meeting in the Country of Beasts
Chapter 25: Tasty Honey Sweets
Chapter 24: Honey Gathering
Chapter 23: The Determination of Vale
Chapter 22: The Bear People of Doggam
Chapter 21: The importance of level
Chapter 20: The Restrictions of Word Magic
Chapter 19: Encounter: a Unique Monster
Chapter 18: A Method to pass the Check Point
Chapter 17: Guild Master
Chapter 16: Raer Festival
Chapter 15: The Heroes hear Rumours about him
Chapter 14: First Comrades?
Chapter 13: Tasting the Aqua Hound Meat
Chapter 12: Desire for Meat
Chapter 11: Conference in the Demon Country
Chapter 10: Evila
Chapter 09: Sword Encounter
Chapter 08: An average guy that won’t work for free
Chapter 07: Bon Voyage!
Chapter 06: The Battle against Demons
Chapter 05: As for the Heroes
Chapter 04: Word Magic
Chapter 03: Magic and Magic Power
Chapter 02: Classmates
Chapter 01: Dragged into another World